AAIMC AAIMC Regulations

Technical regulation updates 06.09.2017.

Only for class SST 600: Front wheel speed sensor is not allowed. Front suspension travel sensor is not allowed. Front brake pressure sensor is not allowed. Rear suspension travel sensor…

AAIMC Regulations

Suplementary Regulations Grobnik 08-10.09.2017.

Suplementary Regulations Grobnik 08-10.09.2017. Time Table Private Practices Grobnik 07.09.2017. Time Table Grobnik 08-10.09.2017.  

AAIMC Regulations

Suplementary Regulations Vransko (Only Vintage) 19.-20.08.2017

Suplementary Regulations Vransko (Only Vintage) 19-20.08.2017. Vransko 2017 Time Table Vransko 2017 Entry Form Vransko 2017 Entry Form

AAIMC AAIMC Regulations

Bulletin No 1 23.07.2017.

Bulletin Nr.1

AAIMC AAIMC Regulations Uncategorized

Technical Regulations updates 09.07.2017.

European_Stocksport_300_Technical_Regulations_update_radiator_09-07-2017 Minimum_weights_update_09-07-2017

AAIMC AAIMC Regulations

Suplementary regulations Pannoniaring 28.-30.07.2017.

Suplementary Regulations Pannoniaring 28.07-30.07 Time Table Pannoniaring 28.07-30.07

AAIMC AAIMC Regulations

Suplementary Regulation Red Bull Ring 14-16.07.2017.

Suplementary Regulations RED BULL RING Time Table RED BULL RING Paddock allocation for Alpe Adria Riders

AAIMC Regulations

Suplementary Regulations Grobnik 30.06-02.07.2017

AA Supplementary Regulations Grobnik 30.06-02.07 AA Time Table Grobnik 30.06-02.07 AA Vintage Entry form – Rijeka Drawing of the circuit

AAIMC AAIMC Regulations

Suplementary Regulations Slovakiaring 22-25.06.2017

Suplementary Regulations Slovakiaring 22-25.06.2017 Time Table Slovakiaring 22-25.06.2017      

AAIMC AAIMC Regulations

FIME Stocksport300 Technical Regulations 2017 Update 30.04.2017.


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